After venturing down the rabbit hole of chicken math, we asked ourselves, "What's a homestead without a family cow?!" It's not!

And thus, we set out to find ourselves a dairy cow to call our own.

Meet Moonpie, our year and a half old Holstein.

Moonpie the Dairy Cow

Her favorite things include full body grooming sessions, scritches under her neck, getting sprayed in the face with a hose, frolicking around the pasture with Sprinkle, and of course, treats.

In reality, she's basically just a big dog. Who will give us milk. Pretty cool, right?

Wait, who is Sprinkle?

Sprinkle is our Jersey cross steer that we bought as a bottle calf in the spring of 2019.

Sprinkle the Steer

Sprinkle had a sister named Cupcake, but we lost her at two weeks old.

Both of these little darlings were scouring something terrible. Maybe someday we'll tell their story, as there are a ton of things we wish we had known about buying dairy bottle calves!