Four Legged Friends

When it comes to having a homestead, you've gotta have four legged friends to keep you company, protect you and your loved ones, and keep pests under control. 

We have our fair share of furry friends on the farm, including:

 Pixel, Lab Heeler Mix, Roots & Dreams
Lab Heeler Mix, Mach 10 Energy, Smart as a Whip, Resident Barker
Cutie, Roots & Dreams
Lab Mix, Accidental Adoption, Space Cadet, Jealous Cuddle Bug
Sally, Roots & Dreams
Great Pyrenees, Slayer of Coyotes, Hater of Fish
Ryder, Roots & Dreams

Great Pyrenees Komondor Mix, Son of Sally

Shadow, Roots & Dreams
Shadow Moon Princess
Shadow for Short; Yes, She's White
Sugar and Midnight, Roots & Dreams
Midnight (Right)
Twin to Sugar, Shy and Sneaky, Lurks in the Shadows
Sugarcube, Roots & Dreams
Sugarcube (RIP)
Twin to Midnight, Adventurous and Strong, Lost to Coyotes
Gingersnap, Roots & Dreams
Dumped Kitten on NYE, Big Personality, Independent
Creampuff, Roots & Dreams

The Kitten Who Conned Her Way Home with Brian from a Job Site

The Feral
Honorary: The Feral
Original Farm Resident, Tolerates Us, Likes Pets and Food
Honorary: Spazzle Dazzle
Neighbor's Barn Cat, Loves Our Porch and Barn